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Why is all these food going to waste?

There are many reasons good food goes to waste.
Middlemen between farmers and consumers, rising aesthetic standards for the uniformity of produce, arbitrary and confusing dates on products, consumer culture… these are some of many.
For more info, read Waste, or invite us to give a lecture!

How do you know that the food is fit for consumption?

The products we rescue go through several stages of the sorting - during collection, bringing it to the kitchen, and by our chef.
Whatever isn’t good to use - goes to the compost.

What about the needy?

We serve food to the public so that also the less fortunate can easily enjoy a good meal - in a way that doesn’t set them apart from the rest of the community. We’re not a soup kitchen and in our eyes anyone has value, and has something of value to give in return, which is why paying with time is also accepted :)
Through this integration we show not only that rescued food is for everyone, but that everyone is worthy of sitting at a cafe.

Why “pay as you feel”?

As previously stated, we let every diner decide what suits them to pay, with a belief (backed by evidence) that people can judge for themselves what is right to give, and can usually be fair.
Was the food good? Are you doing okay in life? Wanna help our project grow? Feel free to be benovolent.
Those who have time, skills, equipment or other things of value to offer and can use them as payment as well.

Will there be meat?

We don’t use meat. Our food is mainly vegan.
This is for a few reasons - fruit and veg are safer to rescue, a cafe isn’t allowed to serve meat, and in a sustainability perspective - meat is a form of food waste (the resources invested in comparison to plant-based food).

How can I waste less food?

Glad you asked!
First check what you’ve already got. Those roots in the corner of your fridge started to look a bit tired? Make a quick stir fry!
Going to the shop? Make a list, take a selfie with the fridge, and don’t fall victim to the tricks of the supermarket.
For more tips and recipes - check out our website.

Where did this brilliant name come from?

Geffen, our chef’s daughter and one of the organizers of our first event, came up with it one day.

Are there more initiatives like this?

We’re heavily influenced by The Real Junk Food Project, which started in the UK and is spreading around the globe. They have cafes based on the same two principles (food waste, PAYF). We will be the first branch in Israel!
In Israel there are additional food rescue groups, and also we’re opened several food sharing groups between people on Facebook.
Also there is the food waste reduction lab at TNS.

Can I invite you for an event?

Hell yes! If you’re interested in a lecture, catering, cooking contest or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact us.
Link to our catalogue here.

How can I volunteer?

You’re welcome to join our family of volunteers.
To sign up - fill out this form.


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