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Our Story

Our Mission

Robin Food is committed to raising awareness around food waste and making sustainability accessible through providing culinary and educational services for a wide audience. We seek to reduce the amount of food waste generated in Israel and improve food access for everyone. 


We “rescue” food that would otherwise go to waste - from farms, shops and markets.

Together with chefs and volunteers, we prepare meals for the general public on a “pay as you feel” basis - and serve food in specific events as a service.


Through food, something that everyone needs and enjoys, we open up a range of subjects to engage in. Those who are less fortunate can have access to a great meal. Those who are part of the general consumer society can get a direct “taste” of the global food waste crisis and contribute to the project, with their money/time/skills. We campaign to raise awareness, and plan to organize relevant action around food waste in Israel. 


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Robin Food opened Israel’s first community restaurant based on food-rescue which ran from 2018 until the COVID pandemic.

In 2 years the restaurant served tens of thousands of people of all kinds, hosted 100+ groups, and operated with the help of around 1000 volunteers.

The restaurant was featured as the subject of an award-winning documentary.

We offer activities and services to various groups such as lectures, workshops, cooking contests and catering - to promote immersive, experience-based education on food waste prevention sustainability, community and social action - while helping create income for the organization.





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